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Perspective Matters

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

My father was a patient and pleasant man who did not express himself much... unless it was something that irked him-- like Uncle Tom and Uncle Bill or psychiatrists or desecration of the flag... then his brow would be knitted and his eyes would darken in his provocation over the issue.

I woke up on Monday feeling like my dad at those moments of frustration. This virus thing is messing up my plans... I can't believe the way the media is portraying this... I just don't like it....

It took my daughter's reminder of words I has said to her when her world was being rocked: "Each day is an adventure."

Being humbled is not a bad thing. Remembering that I am not god is a good thing (for you and me!). Being content with what God sends gives peace. Knowing that today God is just the same as He was yesterday and all the days when things in my world went the way I wanted, brings conviction to my grumbling.

Yep, our income is in jeopardy. Yep, I need to cancel plans that had been made. Yep, there is uncertainty about the future... BUT words I said to my children many times come back to me.

When things don't make sense and my world is rocked, I must go back to the two things that we call "ground zero." God is good. He only does what is right.

Amen and amen.

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