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Leo's Little Kitchen

An ICS student workforce development program

Welcome to Leo's Little Kitchen

Pre-order a quart of Frankie's Chicken Pastine soup, brought to you by Immanuel Christian School students & the ImmanuelWorks workforce development program.

Studies have shown that the opportunity to earn industry certifications engages students in the learning process. Students with industry certifications are more likely to earn a high school diploma, achieve higher GPAs, and enroll in dual credit or advanced placement classes.

  • ServSafe food safety certification trains students how to ensure the work environment is safe for employees and customers. ServSafe is designed specifically for aspiring hospitality and culinary professionals who may not have operational industry experience and helps students master food safety competencies. Students who gain certifications are more likely to earn more professional credentials and advance more quickly in their careers. Gaining an industry certification demonstrates that a student has mastered industry standards. It also gives them context for future industry expectations and regulations, even if it's a different career. 

  • Penn State LaunchBox Teen Entrepreneurship Certificate
    Students learn key strategies for starting a business and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Through light instruction and team-building events, students gain exposure to real-world problems they can solve in collaboration with business leaders. Students learn marketplace dynamics, financial strategies, how to make business plans, and present their strategic thinking... all while having fun and gaining critical-thinking skills that last a lifetime.


Leo's Little Kitchen

175 N Cedar St, Hazleton, PA 18201

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