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Affording an ICS Education

Indexed Tuition

At Immanuel Christian School, we have learned that an Indexed Tuition model works well for long-term sustainability of the school and also helps ensure that the Christian education we offer is financially accessible to anyone who would like to receive it. Our indexed tuition model is need-based. Every student's tuition is indexed to some degree.

Indexed tuition has the added benefit of reinforcing our vision to bless the city. By increasing economic diversity in the school, we are adding value to the educational and social-emotional experience for both children and adults by reflecting the Kingdom of God.

Families must apply for indexed tuition each year, as tuition can move up and down in line with a family's economic profile. Determinations are made by reviewing a family's entire financial profile and are not based solely on income.

2023–2024 Average Parent Contribution: $3,300


2023–2024 Tuition* Range for Kindergarten through 12th Grade:  $1,800 - $11,500


*Tuition covers ICS instructional and operational costs. It does not include the cost of books and educational materials, field trips, retreats, or fees for extra-curricular activities such as basketball, track, yearbooks, etc.

Individualized Financial Aid

Immanuel Christian School is committed to making Christian education available to families who share in our school's vision to bless the city of Hazleton. We work hard to keep the parent contribution portion of our cost of education as reasonable as possible, without sacrificing the excellence in education our parents and students expect. We want to provide the best teachers and the best educational experience possible for your student.


To help families with the cost of education, ICS offers a payment plan, as well as need-based indexed tuition. Families submit a tuition assistance application through FACTS Management. FACTS provides a recommendation, which is then evaluated by our Financial Aid committee. We consider:


  • The number of siblings attending ICS

  • Whether the amount a family is paying is consistent with what other families with a similar financial profile are paying

  • Extenuating circumstances affecting a particular family

  • The school's ability to provide the level of financial aid necessary to meet a family's financial responsibilities

Some families pay as little as $150/month for a student, but we would not be sustainable if most families paid that amount.


of ICS families

receive tuition assistance.

The Numbers at a Glance:

Cost of Education:



Avg. Financial Aid Scholarship: $8,700


Average Parent Contribution: $3,300

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