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You can help us make an excellent academic education accessible to any student regardless of family income.


Support an ICS Student

With a graduation rate at 11% below the national average and one out of ten students dropping out of school in 9th grade, too many of the children of Hazleton are headed toward a life of continual poverty. Families in our city desire a better education for their children and they are willing to sacrifice for it. Fifty-percent of our families live below the poverty line, but they contribute nearly 10% of their income toward their children's education (almost double the national average!) and it still isn't enough. Would you come alongside these families to make ICS more affordable? 

Your gift allows us to offer these students a Christian education that is excellent in both spiritual development and academic quality. 

A.C.E. Scholarship Fund

Supporting students who are Academically disenfranchised, Culturally diverse, and Economically disadvantaged.

General Scholarship Fund

Applied where needed, these funds are always distributed with low-income families as the priority recipients.

Sponsor a Locker

Your $500 contribution goes to the scholarship fund and helps us acclimate under-resourced students to a higher academic standard.

View more about locker sponsorship here.

40 for 40

Join 40 people donating $40/month for 40 months. 2019 was our 40th Anniversary and an ongoing gift helps us continue sustainably.

ICS is a 501(c)3 organization and your contribution is tax-deductible. 

Thank you for partnering with us!

The Katlyn Tarud Memorial Scholarship Fund

Supporting students who have lost a parent and who are being raised by a single parent or grandparent(s). Learn more about this fund here.

Sponsor a Locker & 40 for 40



Susan Selby

(570) 459-1111

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