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A Meditation for this Season

Dear Friends,

If you stood by your best friend while he gasped his last breath and all around you were friends with tear stained faces thinking that this cannot be happening;

And if you believed that death had taken the best part of life from your friend and he would now miss out on future hikes together, talks and walks together;

And then you cried as your friend was buried and put into the ground with the finality of his friendship being gone sticking in your throat;

And the color of life was drained from the sky, the flowers, the mountains, and even the dried husks of the seeds, because he spoke of them all and all reminded you of him...

That's it... husks of seeds! He said that unless a kernel of wheat would fall to the ground and die, it would remain only a seed. But if it dies, it will bear much fruit!

The seed must be planted into the cold, dead ground or it will just stay a seed.

But once the seed is enveloped by the earth, the moisture and the darkness will swallow up the hull of the seed and release the life that is inside and it will grow.

And bear fruit!

This morning, when the sun rose over the earth, I celebrated the new life of my best Friend who died in my place, so that I won't experience the finality of the grave.

This morning, I observed the earth's release of the husk of death and the stinging grave lose its victory.

This morning, I celebrated with new friends whose tears have been dried and the lump in the throat has been melted by the realization that Life has conquered death!

For those of you who have believed in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, that His death and His being raised to life were necessary for you to have REAL life, you will join me wherever you are in joyful worship of this truth: we are the fruit of His grave experience!

May you know the sweetness of the resurrected Jesus today and every day!

Blessings to you and your families on this Easter holiday!

Mr. Kelly Knowlden


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