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In the event that Immanuel Christian School has a closure of more than two days, classes will be offered in a remote learning setting.


The ICS Classroom to Cloud learning program is a combination of instructional time and assignments in all core subjects, as well as select non-core subjects (i.e., Spanish, P.E., and Spelling). This remote learning setup utilizes technology such as Google Classroom, MobyMax, and Google Meet video conferencing in order to provide a learning environment for students. Student hours and attendance will be tracked via Google Classroom and during Instructional time.

Setting Up Google Classroom for Your Student

Teachers will utilize Google Classroom to provide assignments for students during remote learning. In order to access these assignments and teacher-provided resources, students must connect their school email account to Google Classroom. The attached PDF outlines the following steps:

  • Logging into a student's ICS Google account

  • Locating Google Classroom

  • Joining a Class

  • Overview of the Google Classroom Feed

  • Overview of the Classes Home

Google Classroom Support

If you are having trouble navigating Google Classroom, check out Google's Support page by clicking here.

ICS Classroom to Cloud

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