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The Magic Bullet

Promises of cures, of a good life, and satisfaction of all our desires results in our pursuit of the “magic bullet” (that which secures the promise). We spend money on mouthwash, the right car, the perfect hair gel, and all kinds of products that promise satisfaction. We invest our time into programs for exercise, weight loss, and even studies with the goal of making ourselves better and being “happy!”

All these things may be helpful and good. They may be useful and beneficial to have or use. The problem is our pursuit of them with the expectation of satisfaction attached to it.

In the realm of education it looks like this: We pay money for our children’s education; we clothe them in appropriate attire; we train them in the ways of serving God and others, and we expect results— good, productive, and useful children who are able to serve God and others. We are discouraged when that is not what happens.

Again, our problem is HOW we pursue those goals (promises to ourselves or our children) and the EXPECTATION OF SATISFACTION that we attach to reaching those goals. We focus on producing results in grades. Or we study for tests with our children with the expectation of a high grade. We work with corrections and sit beside them as they do their homework. Then we get frustrated when they continue to not understand or get poor grades. We forget that the need to do all the right things is right regardless of the results! Does that mean that I work very hard with my children and then “que sera, sera” (“whatever will be, will be”)? Not at all. If I don’t get results, I troubleshoot. I try to figure out what isn’t right about what we are doing and try to fix it. But I leave to God the results. He will bring results designed specifically for His good and His glory. I must trust Him and teach my children to trust Him as well!

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