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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

The saying goes that “revenge is sweet.” But Christ’s people are of a different mindset and it must be ingrained into children from when they are little until “they are big!” In this past week, I’ve heard grown men say that they responded to someone who did them harm by getting back in some form or other. Children will not naturally ‘mature’ out of this way of thinking. They will become more adept at evening-the-score, in more devious and deceitful ways.

Learning to identify this attitude in all its manifestations is the first step for parents. It comes in forms of “He did it first,” to “She spoke to me this way, so I…”

Reviewing the Proverbs is a means by which we inculcate wisdom to our children. If they grow up hearing these words: “Do not say, ‘I’ll pay you back for this wrong!’ Wait for the Lord, and He will deliver you” (Prov. 20:22), then they begin to have a framework to think from when you need to discuss their particular instance of revenge. Reminding them of Romans 12:14-21 is where you will ultimately end in your discussion, but having them already familiar with Biblical truth is of great value.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear from children when they are wronged, “Yes, I was sinned against, but I am trusting God that He meant it for my good – to make me be a stronger person, to find hope in Him and to see my own propensity toward getting even.” Wow! Then we’d be seeing a different culture begin to take over. That is what I work for at Immanuel Christian School. Let’s press on!

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