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Once Upon a Time…

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

February is our Book Month! Stories are important to us. After all, we are all in the middle of our own stories. As we “write” it, we must have a sense of the final outcome of our story or we will get “Lost in the Middle.”¹ Hopefully the ending will be, “And they lived happily ever-after!”

While we are not in control of the circumstances that happen to us, nor the people that we come in contact with (not even our children!), we are in control of our responses to those things. (That is why we are “response”-ible.) So that is the way that we are writing our story. If I believe that the ending will be, “I am a victim of my circumstances and others,” then I will respond accordingly. If my story will end with the annihilation of existence and then...nothing, then it really doesn’t matter how I respond. If I believe that my actions have consequences – now and into eternity – then I will act accordingly.

The way that your story will have the “happily ever after” ending is if you believe that there is a Good King waiting with His arms outstretched to receive you because you have cried out desperately for His forgiveness and have believed that He has taken your punishment for not living as you were designed to – namely, with a vertical mindset that loves God with all your heart, soul and mind.

How is your ending turning out? I’d be interested in talking to you about it if you’d like.

¹ Lost In The Middle by Paul Tripp

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