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ICS Teacher Feature Interview: Mr. Loftus

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Mr. Thomas Loftus will be joining Immanuel Christian School for the 2020-2021 school year as the 4th grade teacher. Mr. Loftus studied Bible and Preaching at Dallas Christian College and Religion and Education at Liberty University.


Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I come from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I love green chile and cooking spicy foods. I have been in education for eleven years, including teaching 3rd and 4th grade for five years. I made the big decision to move to Pennsylvania, and God opened the door for me to be at ICS. I am excited to work here and see what God is going to do.

What value do you see in Christian education?

The ability to teach kids about Christ and the Bible and lead them in the direction towards God is essential. With so many voices and temptations out there, Christian education is a light in the dark world.

Why do you feel called to teach at ICS?

The door to ICS opened easily, with patience and perseverance. I also loved the atmosphere, vision, and goals the school has for educating students .

Why do you want to teach at the grade level you're at?

I work really well with fourth grade and older. Fourth graders are very imaginative, outgoing, and overall a fun age level. They usually enjoy my puns too!

What's your favorite subject to teach? Why?

[I enjoy teaching] Bible and history. They both go hand in hand. I love digging in deeper with Bible and explaining the historical and cultural context of the Scriptures. I believe context is key for understanding [and] interpreting Scriptures. I also love to teach U.S. history– knowing our past and learning from the mistakes but being encouraged by the triumphs.

Describe your teaching style.

I try to engage my students and can be imaginative. I like acting out some historical events, getting students to think deeper about reading, and encouraging them to love reading. I use examples that they can relate to so they can understand topics better. I am also an encourager. I always try to show students what they are capable of doing.


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