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ICS Staff Spotlight: Mr. Benjamin Jones

Mr. Benjamin Jones is joining the ICS Development Team as the Advancement and Outreach Coordinator. He will primarily be working with Mrs. Selby and Miss Miller helping with fundraising efforts. Mr. Jones graduated from Covenant College with a Bachelor's degree in English.

The following is from an interview with Mr. Jones.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I have been blessed to be a part of various forms of Christian education ranging from being homeschooled by my mother to taking classes at private Christian schools and eventually graduating from Covenant College, a small, private Christian College in Lookout Mountain, GA. I have spent the last ten years in Grove City, Pennsylvania and am excited to move to the Hazleton area.

What's an interesting fact about yourself that you'd like to share? I ran cross country and track in both high school and college. I love coffee, stories, and talking about God and His world.

What is your favorite Bible passage?

Psalm 27

What value do you see in Christian education? I believe Christian education is an invaluable part of developing a child's heart, mind, soul, and strength into who God has lovingly designed them to be and in helping kids to love the Lord and grow in their curiosity about the world.

Why do you think the ICS mission and vision are important?

I am passionate about the ICS mission and vision. The faculty and staff at ICS are so committed to loving the people around them through the grace that God gives them and out of the overflow of mercy He has shown them. That compassionate heart shows itself every day in service to the children and families they teach and care for.

Why do you feel called to work at ICS?

After nearly twenty years of learning in various forms of Christian education, I feel called to give back some of the gifts that God has blessed me with to serve in Christian education at ICS and pass on those blessings to others in this community.

What are you most looking forward to during your work?

I am looking forward to building relationships and friendships with the community at ICS and seeing how the Lord is at work every day in this school.

How do you hope to see God at work as you step into ICS?

As ICS continues to grow I hope God will continue to bless the school financially so that we can continue to provide an excellent education from a Christ-centered foundation.

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