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Faithful in Small Things

My friend told me about a scrub-woman in an office building in New York City who loved Jesus. She went about her daily tasks with a smile and a delight in clean floors and fixtures. She would busy herself every day as secretaries, delivery boys, important businessmen and other office workers would come in. When people would pass by her, they could hear her quietly humming some hymn tune. If acknowledged, she would humbly nod and cheerily greet them by name!

Your children, too, have the opportunity to work with a different mindset. Grumblers and complainers abound in the marketplace. Gossips shoot the breeze in the workers’ lounge. But those who delight in their task – no matter if they are the executive or sweep the floor – are as rare as heat waves in January! Can you get your children to be one of those rarities? YES! By modeling this delight in your work, you will mold their ideas about work. By coming alongside them when they are frustrated with what they have to do, you will secure their heart. By teaching them these valuable truths from God’s Word day by day, you will build it in them. And by bringing them back to their task when they shirk it, you will nail it firmly to their consciousness.

What is the importance of being faithful in small things? Over the years, this scrub-woman’s faithful witness to the love of Christ provided many secretaries with someone to talk to about their hurts in life. Businessmen were caught by her contagious love for Jesus! Many in the New York City office building came to know the Savior because of her faithfulness in small tasks.

We talk about influencing a lost world for Christ. A primary means is in teaching our children this truth: “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.” (Prov. 22:29)

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