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Chancellor's Challenges: Creating

Hobbits are fascinating creatures to me. For those of you who have not been exposed to The Lord Of The Rings series, J.R.R. Tolkien describes them as “a little people, about half our beards...inclined to be fat in the stomach...dress in bright colors...wear no shoes because their feet grow natural leathery soles and thick warm brown hair...laugh deep fruity laughs and live in a hobbit hole... with a perfectly round door opening into a very comfortable tunnel with paneled walls and floors tiled and carpeted...”

So I found this website that described making a hobbit door and the fellow that made it was quite a creative workman. It was a round door that was made of walnut and had six stained glass windows in it that were stunning and were made by his wife. Above the door in an arch on the wall was a saying: “Never make anything simple and efficient if a way can be found to make it complex and wonderful!” (My wife laughed when she read that! If you come to my house, you’ll know why.)

While this philosophy does not particularly please the industrious, no-nonsense, let’s-get-something-done types, it resonates with me in this way. God made us to be creative. Every human being is also a creator. The way we create and what we create varies as widely as the number of people in the world and their inventions, artifacts, buildings, artwork and philosophy. But each of us is indeed a creator. We reflect the image of our Creator and design everything. We can’t help it.

“Do you want that chair over by the window or here by the light?” Determining simple everyday things – even arranging food on a plate – is an expression of our desire for things to be beautiful and “feel” right to our senses and emotions.

So look and plan for beauty. Express yourself in the way that you set the table, hang the pictures on the wall, and even in the décor you choose to grace your bathroom. And, if you get a chance from being home everyday, perhaps try your hand at sketching something or learning to crochet or making something from wood. (If you’d like to try your hand at making a hobbit door, let me know. I’m planning on building a tree fort for the grandkids this summer!)

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