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Chancellor’s Challenges: Communication

Funny how we have more devices to communicate with but less communication. When I was growing up, if you wanted to talk to someone that did not live in your house, you used a telephone which hung on the wall. (Ours had a very long cord, so my mom could work across the room at the sink and still talk on the phone.) And if the telephone rang, you answered it! There were no answering machines, no caller ID, no means to know whether it was a telephone salesman or even if it was long distance and had to be paid for until you picked up the receiver.

The US postal mail was a looked-forward-to event of each day. In college, we would check our mailbox several times a day because the mailroom would be putting out mail throughout the day. And of course, the Internet was not invented!

So now we have a phone in our pocket and can be reached 24 hours a day. That includes not just the call, but also the text, email, the social media platforms, the Twitter and Instagram accounts, and more! Yet, with all that, communication between people has not improved. All the devices that we have, have only provided us with OVERLOAD. My guess is that we often ignore many things that are giving us information that we really might need.

If you are reading this, then you are getting one of the primary means of us communicating with you, and we give you kudos! 👏 Thank you for sticking with all the information in these newsletters. Feel free to give us feedback that would help us be better at communicating!

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