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Brad - Lead Pastor at LCBC

This post is part of "The Story Behind Hazleton," a senior project completed by Paige Onder, an Immanuel Christian School graduate from the class of 2023.

Today, being content is seen as something that is undesirable. To constantly be on the move means you must be improving. However, being content is the piece a majority of people miss. Brad Travelpiece is a great example of being content and living in gratitude. As a pastor, his job description is not always the same, but something that does remain consistent is his service not only to God but to his community.

Growing up, Brad was raised in Berwick and it was there he found his love for Christ. Up until that point, he identified himself as going through the motions with “religion” rather than a relationship with God. The church that his family began attending in Berwick not only changed his life, but his family’s as well. Growing up in this church would provide him with a community that was focused on one common goal, building the Kingdom.

Upon graduating high school, Brad began attending Bloomsburg University and would later on receive a bachelor's degree in Physics. Initially when he began his studies, he was going to be a teacher, and eventually a principal. However, he was uncertain as to whether or not he should follow his planned career path or pursue ministry. After speaking to his youth pastor, he encouraged him to follow his initial career path. This youth pastor told him that God would make it clear to him whether or not to go into ministry. Eventually, God would lead him in this different direction and call him to be a pastor while he was in college. During this time he would also become close with his now wife, Krysta.

After graduating from college, Brad began working at Immanuel Bible Chapel as the student ministry director, where a year later they would merge with LCBC. For the past five years, he has been a pastor at LCBC (Lives Changed by Christ) in Hazleton. In five years, Brad says that he would like to be working at LCBC still, something he was happy to claim.

A church is more than a building. It is people who come together to make up the body of the church. Something Brad has loved getting to see over the past few years is the development of the church he has been leading. He also said he enjoys the opportunities God gives him to introduce people in the city of Hazleton to Jesus. One way they do this is by reaching out to the community in various ways. They have done food drives, movie days, youth ministries, and various other events/services to benefit Hazleton.

Something many appreciate about Brad is his willingness to listen to other people’s stories, but also what God is asking of him. He continually reflects Christ like love through his actions. Just recently, Brad has completed his masters’ degree from Liberty University. While we can never be certain of the future, we can listen to where God wants us to be in the moment

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