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ICS Virtual Choir

ICS students, their family members, alumni, and faculty and staff invited to sing together with the ICS 3rd-8th grade choir in Immanuel Christian School's first-ever virtual choir! 

We'll be singing "Shout for Joy," a song Mr. Spanos wrote based on Psalm 100. 

Please follow the instructions and tips below (also listed in the PDF) when recording your video.


Deadline to Submit: Thursday, May 28.

We can't wait to hear everyone's voices!

Instructions for Recording

What You'll Need

  • A device to record your video (or audio only, if you prefer)

  • A device to play the track with Mr. Spanos

  • Headphones to listen to the track and sing along

  • A plain t-shirt (no graphics or words to distract viewers)

  • Optional - An external microphone (usually yields higher quality audio)

The Process

1. Download the sheet music if you need it.

2. Watch the video below of Mr. Spanos performing "Shout for Joy." You may
download the video if you need.
It is also available on YouTube here.

ICS Choir - Shout for Joy - Psalm 100

ICS Choir - Shout for Joy - Psalm 100

Play Video

3. Get ready to record

  • Practice the song ahead of time.

  • Find a well-lit area with a neutral background such as a white sheet or plain wall. Avoid visual clutter.

  • Set up your recording device to film horizontally on a tripod or a flat, unmoving surface.

  • Position yourself center-screen, showing from your sternum (center of your chest) up.


4. Recording your video

  • Make sure your headphones are fully plugged into your playback device.

  • Make sure you are filming horizontally. 

  • Press Record.

  • Press Play on the "Shout for Joy" video.

  • Look at the camera (the audience).

  • Sing with your full voice, confidence, and joy!

  • When you are done with the song, count to five in your head (pause), then end the video.

5. Submit your video no later than Thursday, May 28 by uploading to the Google form through the button below. 

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