Divert PA Tax Dollars to Fund Student Scholarships

Do you want your PA tax dollars to help further the education of children in Hazleton?

Pennsylvania is one of the few states to offer parental/school choice for families. This opportunity is provided through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs.


This is a great way for businesses and individuals to make a significant impact on the education of children in the greater Hazleton area.  Most individuals who have a minimum PA tax obligation of $1000 or more are eligible to divert their tax dollars to scholarships. Businesses and pass-through organizations generally need a PA tax obligation of $3500.


If you want to see revitalization in Hazleton, there is no better way making the ICS education financially accessible to those who don't have the resources themselves. 

Together we can reach our goal of $400,000 in EITC/OSTC scholarship funds.


Susan Selby, CEO

(570) 459-1111


of a scholarship donation contribution becomes state tax dollar credits.



Participants must pay tax on PA business income. This includes:

  • Corporations

  • S-Corps

  • Partnerships

  • LLCs

  • Business entities


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