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Update on the 3rd Quarter

Dear ICS Parents,

We are in a time of transition and change as new information about Coronavirus continues to bombard us each day like Governor Wolf's announcement today of extending school shut-downs until further notice. As the directives of "social distancing" and "stay at home" orders move from short windows of time to a season or time, we will not be able to follow many previously scheduled ICS calendar events/dates. One of these dates is the end of the 3rd Quarter which is scheduled for tomorrow, March 31st.

Due to the mandatory interruption to instruction in the classroom, the end of the 3rd Quarter will be waived or suspended for now as we establish plans for 3rd and 4th Quarter grades and report cards. This will require patience as we wait for further decisions by the PA Department of Education and take time to research possibilities into what our choices are.

In the meantime, as you are working to make sure your child(ren) are keeping up-to-date with completing assignments on time, the following information might be helpful:

  • There is a feature in Google classroom that allows parents to receive daily or weekly "Guardian Summaries" about your child's assignments and progress. If you aren't already receiving these for each of your children, please let your child's teacher know so they can invite you to receive them.

  • At ICS, we believe that the parents have final jurisdiction over their children's education. If you believe your student needs more time to complete an assignment for legitimate reasons, we always encourage you to simply let your child's teacher know. ICS faculty want to serve you and your children and we just ask that you keep your child's teacher informed so we can partner together for what is best for your child.

Thank you for all you are doing to help in our efforts to sustain a quality learning experience! May God bless you and keep your family safe during this trying time!

In Christ, Glen Cathers

Academic Principal

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